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House flip is listed. Yes, I am serious. I am now back to being a Realtor® and now a house flipper. Real estate is the new name of the game. Well I still need to flip that house over to someone else. But I have hung up my overalls and paint brush for the time being.

If I am being honest, it was a little nostalgic listing 355 Jensen Ave W. I mean James and I made Parksville our home before we got married. We lived in this house with our first baby, a chocolate lab named Tucker. Next came an engagement, a wild martini party, then a wedding. The year after we got married, we had our first child. His little nursery was in that home. We moved from there a number of years ago, but always felt a deep connection with the house.

One of the best parts about living in the Jensen Ave house, was that we became friends with many of the neighbours, of whom we still keep in touch with 10 years later. We felt fortunate to develop such friendships and neighbourhood relationships. I know everyone is eager to take a peak inside to see the final product.

Last year we tried to sell this home as is. It was built in 1980 but had been renovated once before we moved in. At that time we loved the double sided fireplace (which was sucking all the warm air out of the house), the character of the angles around each corner, and the spacious rooms. The house did not sell. There were so many showings that I could barely keep up, but each one gave feedback that the house is too dated for the price. James said, “let’s flip it, I know a good Realtor®.” So we did.

We watch the house flip and renovation shows daily on HGTV and we see the 90 day turn around. Yes, well that is with a crew of 20 professionals working 8-12 hours a day. Man.. the ‘sweat equity” that was put into this house.. I am surprised it does not smell like a NHL locker room.

James and I both said that as the renovation progressed we could feel the energy change in the house. Now that the house flip project is complete, minus a few door handles, the house is alive and bright. I know the right person or family will walk into this house and want to make it their own.

James said he wants nothing to do with drywall mud, sawdust, or paintbrushes for a long time, but guess where he was today? Yes, his next project. This is not a house flip but a new basement for friends in Nanaimo.

The next house flip project is not too far around the corner for us.  This type of real estate is a bit addicting; to see the transformation that is made by your own hands and hard work is satisfying. We are going to watch for the ideal house to flip.. anyone know of THAT house? Send me an email.

The end, is not ever the end…

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