One Year in Real Estate - A Thank you to my clients!

One year has arrived. I cannot believe it. Is it because I am older and days go faster? Ha or is it due to having so much fun in my new career? I wanted to take a moment to thank my clients, for being my clients: 

Brent, Deanna, and Amelia – Thank you for being my first clients! Brent and I once worked together so he knew what he was getting in to JWe found a cozy family home with a gorgeous ocean view for them to enjoy for years to come. Welcome back to the island. 

 Tamara, Kyle and Freya – Thank you for sticking it out with me while we battled in the hot market of 2018, and through the weird new mortgage obstacles of 2019. It was tough at time, but we did it together! You have a family home with a yard built for BBQ parties! And lucky for us, we are now friends and have already starting making memories. 

 Natalie, Ryan and the princesses – You never knew you needed me until we met JThank you for trusting me to sell your home and find you and your new family a home to grow in. I am so pleased you decided to make Oceanside your home. One of my favourite memories is when you told me you were expecting!!!! Tears of happiness. Congratulations on all the wonderful changes over this last year. 

 Fran – I loved our coffee time together. Thank you Miss Fran for trusting me to sell your home and find you a bit of quiet privacy in your new home. Thank you for letting my daughter come over-feed your fish and eat all your cookies. We will come visit for tea soon! 

 Don and Sneak – I have yet to encounter someone else who makes such quick decisions. It was wonderful to get to know you and meet your sweet, rescue dog Sneak (I hope she enjoyed her homemade cookies). She has tons of room to play and be free. Welcome to the island. Thank you for working with me and trusting me to help you!

 Bob and Ev – I didn’t think I was ever going to find something to check all your boxes.. and there were A LOT!!!! But we did it.  We found you a brand new home built for a Queen and King (which is what you totally deserve) and sold your townhome to a couple that could not wait to move in. I look forward to more lunches with you both and cleaning out Bob’s fly gear. 

 Julia and Eugene – You were the most positive two clients! I loved how Eugene could see a silver lining in everything, even a leaky crawl! I am so glad, with Nate’s help, we were able to find you a brand-new home to fit all of your needs. Welcome to the island!!

 James – Well you are married to me so what choice did you have? The flip/reno project was a big one. It took us both, with much help from family and friends, an immense amount of time and dedication to complete this. I was amazed at your stamina at times. I would be crashed on the couch while you worked until mid-night, week after week. Thank you! I know we said goodbye to our first home together, but we are overjoyed that there is a young family loving life in those four walls! I can’t wait to start the next project with you.. ok I lied, I can wait. But it will still be epic I’m sure. 

 Pat and Peter – How lucky was I that your neighbour knows me and suggested you list your home with me? I’d say very lucky. I have enjoyed getting to know you both and know we will find you the perfect place in which to down size. By the way, your cookies are sooo delicious!

 Doreen – We’ve got this Doreen! I know it is a lot right now, but I am here to help you through. You are a strong lady, with a wonderful sense of humour. Thank you for trusting me with selling your home. Sounds like there are many more adventures in your future! 

 Lisa – My friend. I feel like we barely see each other, but now have a real excuse to do so. So many six second hugs in our future! Thank you for trusting me to sell your mom’s home.  I look forward to many more years of friendship. 

 Scott, Carey and Aiden – you know the circus anthem “da da da da da da da da da da” hahaha that is us at times!  You guys like the strangest places! But I think today we may have found The Place! Your lives are full of adventure and open mindedness. It’s awesome. Also, thanks for the chowda!!

 What a year! Thank you to my clients for your trust and friendship! Thank you to my friends, family, clients and old co-workers for your referrals and your trust! I love this industry. 

Cheers (this is where you pick up your drink) to an unforgettable first year and to many more years! 

 Shannon Cutler
Vancouver Island Realtor®

Realtor Life

May 12, 2019

 Realtor® life

 This week has brought about some crazy days. My daughter turned 6, three homes completed, we said good bye to our Jensen home & welcomed a new family, I met 2 new clients, and have spent over 12 hours on the phone with Microsoft support. To top this off, Macdonald Realty kindly put us in a two-day training course. Did I mention my lawn is not mowed, the laundry is piled up, and we have yet to be able to sit down to a family meal? 

Between blowing up balloons on the weekend and decorating cupcakes, I was negotiating an offer and trying to calm down an older client who was moving out of one home into another, this week, while his wife is hugging surfers (at my request) in Australia. I think she got the better end of the deal.  This lovely couple sold their lovely townhome in Nanaimo to settle in a brand-new Windward Construction rancher on a quiet street in Parksville. I welcomed him to his on Wednesday, and even though the keys for the home were missing, he was smiles all around.

Good bye Jensen ave Parksville real estate Shannon cuter.JPG

 Speaking of client stories, one client had bought a new home and was concerned he wouldn’t receive his landscaping credit. I assured him he would. When James (hubby) went to take down a sign for me, my client again told James of his concern. James said, “not to worry. Shannon will get your money for you. No one wants her after them.” Haha true. But then he also said, “well if she does not get your money I will send her over with a rake and shovel.” 

 On Monday I had the privilege of meeting my newest client. Thank you to my friend who referred her to me! She is a lovely lady and local grandma. She was looking to list her home for sale in the coming month. After a serious conversation today and a few tears, I hugged her goodbye. When I went to leave we found that my necklace was caught on her shirt. She pulled me along through her home until we could cut ourselves free. Talk about a first impression. 

 I also want to say a big thank you to J, J, and C for three new referrals! Yes, I know. Referrals are my bread and butter baby! When someone trusts me enough to refer their family or friend to me, then I know I am doing something right. Keep them coming. Refer someone to me. I will pay you a referral fee. Yes, I will. Except to Dale, who refuses to take my money. So I tried to send him and his wife to dinner while I babysat. He said no. When she found out that he refused my offer she flipped. Haha… 

Being a Realtor® is seriously crazy, fun, hectic and interesting. #realtor #lovemyjob 

Shannon Cutler

 PS I will be announcing a draw this week… stay tuned


Realtor® life

Realtor® life

 Part of a being a good Realtor® is being knowledgeable in your community. Knowing the answers when people ask them: Where do I take my dog to the vet; Where do I find a good Americano? Is there a good French Immersion school nearby? Do you know a babysitter? The list goes.  From septic field cleaning to coffee and wine drinking.. 

 I am constantly out and about. If you know me, you will know I can’t sit still for long. Even while writing this I will likely get up three times.  Moving around allows me to get out and learn about my community. It provides me the opportunity to enjoy what Parksville, Qualicum, Nanaimo, and surrounding area has to offer. 

 For example, this week I purchased client housewarming gifts. I like to buy local. Most of my client gifts I buy from Robert Held Art Glass. He is a glass blower and creates one-of-a-kind glass pieces for every taste and season. I can find a piece for everyone. I have clients who are millennials and have made a giant bar in their home. For them I was able to find a galaxy ball for this space in their new home. For my lovely friend who referred them to me, I was able to find a classy piece to hang in a window. Robert Held Art Glass even has a glass blowing experience where you can participate. I often take my kids in their to watch the process. Don’t miss it!

 On another day this week I hiked up Notch Hill in Nanoose Bay, BC. It is a 35-60 minute hike that loops around giving unobstructed views of the mountains and Nanoose Bay. This is a dog and child friendly hike but is a pretty good climb. Taking the lower ridge (left at the fork) will allow for a more gradual climb rather than straight up. The parking lot is easily accessible from Powder Point Rd (right hand side). Climb and enjoy!

My handsome hiking partner Crosby!

My handsome hiking partner Crosby!

 What is it that you want to know about? I love it when people call, DM, or email me with questions about the area. If I don’t know, I will research it or I will go try it. Any excuse for me to go eat, drink, run, or experience something new. I am in! 

Real estate market information is not enough for people. Those that trust me with their real estate needs, trust me to find the right fit for their lifestyle. I call myself a lifestylist! Shannon Cutler Realtor®, community expert, and lifestylist. I like the sound of that! 

Real Estate Market Statistics - Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island Real Estate Board (VIREB) released the following this week:

6100 Garside Road New single family home 4 sale

6100 Garside Road New single family home 4 sale

Our March 2019 statistics show that sales of single-family homes board-wide dipped by 23 per cent year over year. The good news is that March delivered a 36 per cent increase in home sales over February.

Last month, 309 single-family homes sold on the MLS® System compared to 399 in March 2018 and 227 in February. In the apartment and townhouse categories, sales dropped by 10 per cent and 30 per cent, respectively.

Housing sales have weakened throughout most of the province, which BCREA largely attributes to the mortgage stress test (Guideline B-20). In the VIREB area, the stress test is helping reduce demand for higher-priced properties and pushing buyers towards less expensive homes. In turn, this is compressing the lower end of the market.


Active Listings Year Over Year

  • Single-Family - up by 20 per cent (976 to 1,172)

  • Apartments - up by 20 per cent (237 to 284)

  • Townhouses - up by 24 per cent (148 to 183)

Benchmark Prices: Board-Wide

  • Single-Family - $510,800 (6 per cent increase)

  • Apartment - $319,800 (8 per cent increase)

  • Townhouse - $414,700 (8 per cent increase)

Benchmark Prices: By Zone

  • Campbell River - $417,200 (8 per cent increase)

  • Comox Valley - $507,100 (8 per cent increase)

  • Duncan - $471,500 (5 per cent increase)

  • Nanaimo - $554,300 (4 per cent increase)

  • Parksville-Qualicum - $577,300 (4 per cent increase)

  • Port Alberni/West Coast - $299,400 (8 per cent increase)

Month over month, Campbell River, Parksville-Qualicum, and Port Alberni saw modest reductions in their benchmark prices while Comox Valley, Duncan, and Nanaimo recorded small increases.

Trend-wise, VIREB’s housing market has transitioned from one favouring sellers to one that is balanced or near balanced.

Source of Info: Vancouver Island Real Estate Board, April 2019 (


Loft space - bright, open, warm and room for your ideas.

Loft space - bright, open, warm and room for your ideas.

Well the house flip project, 355 Jensen Ave W, Parksville, has been listed for over a month. I wish I had news that the house had sold; or that we have even had any offers. We have not. Many Realtor® s have shown the home, some have even come twice. Still no offers. Thankfully, most of the Realtor® that have come through are professional enough to provide valuable showing feedback. Showing feedback has been as follows: “great renovations, but not sure about the loft space upstairs;” “concerned about what is going to be built in the lot behind.”

No offense taken to any of the feedback! I actually appreciate the time and effort a Realtor® and their client goes to, to send the house showing feedback.  

 I would like to encourage those shopping in the real estate market, especially those in the Parskville / Qualicum Beach area, to think of the loft space as a blank slate. Over the years the loft space has had many different functions: been a spare bed room with a futon or murphy bed, a children play room, a man cave, a yoga space, a computer / TV room, a women’s cave, and a teenager’s cave. Your imagination for this room is the limit for the use. 

 During the renovation we actually considered a major renovation, by taking the rear wall out and turning it into a closed in bedroom. This too, is possible.  Don’t let this room deter you from finding a home in this gorgeous house.

As for the property behind the home, on Hirst Ave, it has been vacant and for sale for 10 years intermittently.  Zoning on that street is for multi-family. The last known plan for the lot was for a 3-level condo building, not a 10 story apartment building. The backyard of 355 Jensen Ave is large and private.  There are well established trees in the yard and room to plant more.

 Do not let these two issues stop you! This home is under $550 000, is newly renovated, and has tons of extras to suit many lifestyles. Have you seen what is out there for $550 000? This is a fantastic option.

 The real estate market in the Nanaimo, Parksville, and Qualicum (N Qualicum) areas are moving! T’is the season to find the home you deserve. Good luck in your search!

Listing The House Flip Project. Vancouver Island Real Estate

Listing The House Flip Project. Vancouver Island Real Estate

House flip is listed. Yes, I am serious. I am now back to being a Realtor® and now a house flipper. Real estate is the new name of the game. Well I still need to flip that house over to someone else. But I have hung up my overalls and paint brush for the time being.