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May 12, 2019

 Realtor® life

 This week has brought about some crazy days. My daughter turned 6, three homes completed, we said good bye to our Jensen home & welcomed a new family, I met 2 new clients, and have spent over 12 hours on the phone with Microsoft support. To top this off, Macdonald Realty kindly put us in a two-day training course. Did I mention my lawn is not mowed, the laundry is piled up, and we have yet to be able to sit down to a family meal? 

Between blowing up balloons on the weekend and decorating cupcakes, I was negotiating an offer and trying to calm down an older client who was moving out of one home into another, this week, while his wife is hugging surfers (at my request) in Australia. I think she got the better end of the deal.  This lovely couple sold their lovely townhome in Nanaimo to settle in a brand-new Windward Construction rancher on a quiet street in Parksville. I welcomed him to his on Wednesday, and even though the keys for the home were missing, he was smiles all around.

Good bye Jensen ave Parksville real estate Shannon cuter.JPG

 Speaking of client stories, one client had bought a new home and was concerned he wouldn’t receive his landscaping credit. I assured him he would. When James (hubby) went to take down a sign for me, my client again told James of his concern. James said, “not to worry. Shannon will get your money for you. No one wants her after them.” Haha true. But then he also said, “well if she does not get your money I will send her over with a rake and shovel.” 

 On Monday I had the privilege of meeting my newest client. Thank you to my friend who referred her to me! She is a lovely lady and local grandma. She was looking to list her home for sale in the coming month. After a serious conversation today and a few tears, I hugged her goodbye. When I went to leave we found that my necklace was caught on her shirt. She pulled me along through her home until we could cut ourselves free. Talk about a first impression. 

 I also want to say a big thank you to J, J, and C for three new referrals! Yes, I know. Referrals are my bread and butter baby! When someone trusts me enough to refer their family or friend to me, then I know I am doing something right. Keep them coming. Refer someone to me. I will pay you a referral fee. Yes, I will. Except to Dale, who refuses to take my money. So I tried to send him and his wife to dinner while I babysat. He said no. When she found out that he refused my offer she flipped. Haha… 

Being a Realtor® is seriously crazy, fun, hectic and interesting. #realtor #lovemyjob 

Shannon Cutler

 PS I will be announcing a draw this week… stay tuned