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October already... WTF?

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Grab a rake &

Let’s get organized…

As I saw my breath outside this morning & the temp gauge read 4degrees, I realized summer is gone. Regardless, I still wear my flip flops. A toque and flip flops; West Coast style at its best. I fully intended, on writing a blog each month; in hopes of providing a bit of value to those who read it (T.C. J). However, this summer was so busy with work and camping, that I missed the boat. 

A few clients have asked lately if fall is a good time to sell their home. What do I know? You can sell your home anytime. I know of one deal that happened on Christmas Eve last year. Who knew? That being said, preparing a home to sell can be a monumental task. So, whether you are thinking of selling or just looking around at the chaos left by summer, fall is a wonderful time to get organized, in the yard, home, and office.  

In the yard we need to put away lawn furniture, transplant pots to the ground, rake, cover and compost. Did I mention stack wood for the fireplace? Wood, by the way, is harder to come by than one may think. And getting my 11-year-old to help stack it, is like trying to get a vegan in a meat packing plant. I digress. It is time to take advantage of the few warm days we have left and get this done. Once the rain and snow start it’s too late. 

As for the home, which is a constant battle, there has to be a better way than throwing random stuff in a box in my pantry that I drop off once a week at the SOS. Then the following week the kids say, “hey where is my special sparkle Halloween mask?”  I say the dog chewed it.  The response I receive is crying and yelling, “you sell everything of mine!”

So, I read the life-changing magic of tidying up,” by Marie Kondo. Reading a book on tidying was more enjoyable than you may think. Her system makes sense and is all about only keeping items that bring you joy. A friend of mine recently went through the Kondo process and said that because she only kept those items that she loves, every time she leaves the house, she is wearing one of her favourite clothing items. And the material stuff, is only half the point of her process. Marie Kondo also gives everything a home. You look in one place for your keys, not 6 places. I can’t wait. I am starting the process this week, in time with the week of rain we are due on the island. Watch for videos and posts as I go through this! 

Unless you have a home office, organizing your office may not help you prepare for selling, but it will help you feel more organized. Time to go through the papers, business cards you’ve collected, and clean up the computer desktop. The Marie Kondo method helps with this to. You will see when I go through the paper purge stage.

I hope you have crisp, clear, & productive October. Hang in there as I go through the Marie Kondo process and see if this is something that would work for your life. Selling your house or not, it always feels liberating to get organized. Just in time to buy more stuff for Christmas! Haha 

Shannon Cutler 
Vancouver Island, BC