One Year in Real Estate - A Thank you to my clients!

One year has arrived. I cannot believe it. Is it because I am older and days go faster? Ha or is it due to having so much fun in my new career? I wanted to take a moment to thank my clients, for being my clients: 

Brent, Deanna, and Amelia – Thank you for being my first clients! Brent and I once worked together so he knew what he was getting in to JWe found a cozy family home with a gorgeous ocean view for them to enjoy for years to come. Welcome back to the island. 

 Tamara, Kyle and Freya – Thank you for sticking it out with me while we battled in the hot market of 2018, and through the weird new mortgage obstacles of 2019. It was tough at time, but we did it together! You have a family home with a yard built for BBQ parties! And lucky for us, we are now friends and have already starting making memories. 

 Natalie, Ryan and the princesses – You never knew you needed me until we met JThank you for trusting me to sell your home and find you and your new family a home to grow in. I am so pleased you decided to make Oceanside your home. One of my favourite memories is when you told me you were expecting!!!! Tears of happiness. Congratulations on all the wonderful changes over this last year. 

 Fran – I loved our coffee time together. Thank you Miss Fran for trusting me to sell your home and find you a bit of quiet privacy in your new home. Thank you for letting my daughter come over-feed your fish and eat all your cookies. We will come visit for tea soon! 

 Don and Sneak – I have yet to encounter someone else who makes such quick decisions. It was wonderful to get to know you and meet your sweet, rescue dog Sneak (I hope she enjoyed her homemade cookies). She has tons of room to play and be free. Welcome to the island. Thank you for working with me and trusting me to help you!

 Bob and Ev – I didn’t think I was ever going to find something to check all your boxes.. and there were A LOT!!!! But we did it.  We found you a brand new home built for a Queen and King (which is what you totally deserve) and sold your townhome to a couple that could not wait to move in. I look forward to more lunches with you both and cleaning out Bob’s fly gear. 

 Julia and Eugene – You were the most positive two clients! I loved how Eugene could see a silver lining in everything, even a leaky crawl! I am so glad, with Nate’s help, we were able to find you a brand-new home to fit all of your needs. Welcome to the island!!

 James – Well you are married to me so what choice did you have? The flip/reno project was a big one. It took us both, with much help from family and friends, an immense amount of time and dedication to complete this. I was amazed at your stamina at times. I would be crashed on the couch while you worked until mid-night, week after week. Thank you! I know we said goodbye to our first home together, but we are overjoyed that there is a young family loving life in those four walls! I can’t wait to start the next project with you.. ok I lied, I can wait. But it will still be epic I’m sure. 

 Pat and Peter – How lucky was I that your neighbour knows me and suggested you list your home with me? I’d say very lucky. I have enjoyed getting to know you both and know we will find you the perfect place in which to down size. By the way, your cookies are sooo delicious!

 Doreen – We’ve got this Doreen! I know it is a lot right now, but I am here to help you through. You are a strong lady, with a wonderful sense of humour. Thank you for trusting me with selling your home. Sounds like there are many more adventures in your future! 

 Lisa – My friend. I feel like we barely see each other, but now have a real excuse to do so. So many six second hugs in our future! Thank you for trusting me to sell your mom’s home.  I look forward to many more years of friendship. 

 Scott, Carey and Aiden – you know the circus anthem “da da da da da da da da da da” hahaha that is us at times!  You guys like the strangest places! But I think today we may have found The Place! Your lives are full of adventure and open mindedness. It’s awesome. Also, thanks for the chowda!!

 What a year! Thank you to my clients for your trust and friendship! Thank you to my friends, family, clients and old co-workers for your referrals and your trust! I love this industry. 

Cheers (this is where you pick up your drink) to an unforgettable first year and to many more years! 

 Shannon Cutler
Vancouver Island Realtor®